New Sensors and Power ICs from Allegro MicroSystems

5月 17, 2017
Allegro PCIM Booth


At the PCIM Europe 2017 Exhibition (Hall 7 stand 441), Allegro MicroSystems Europe is featuring its extensive range of sensor ICs for position, angle and speed sensing, current sensors, motor drive ICs and power devices for lighting applications, including a number of new products.

Being previewed at the exhibition is the A5931 motor driver IC; a 3-phase sensorless BLDC fan driver IC that incorporates sinusoidal drive to minimise audible noise and vibration. Also scheduled for release in the near future is the A5932; a 3- phase, sensorless brushless DC fan controller that is designed to drive external N-channel power MOSFETS. It incorporates 180̊ sinusoidal drive with sensorless commutation to minimise vibration and eliminate the requirement for Hall sensors for server fan applications.

New current sensor products include the ACS780xLR; a fully integrated linear current sensor IC in a new coreless package designed to sense AC and DC currents up to 100 A. The automotive-grade, low-profile (1.5 mm thick) sensor IC package has a very small footprint. The Hall sensor technology also incorporates common-mode field rejection to optimise performance in the presence of interfering magnetic fields generated by nearby current-carrying conductors.

The latest addition to Allegro’s position sensor offering is the APS13568; an integrated circuit that acts as a magnetically actuated light switch by combining an ultrasensitive, omnipolar, micropower Hall-effect sensor switch with a linear programmable current regulator providing up to 150 mA to drive high brightness LEDs. The omnipolar Hall-effect switch provides contactless control of the regulated LED current, which is set by a single reference resistor. This highly integrated solution offers high reliability and ease of design compared to a discrete solution.

Also new is the ATS605LSG, which provides a single IC solution to rotational position sensing applications with a ferrous gear target. The SG package incorporates a rare earth pellet for ease of manufacturing, consistent performance over temperature, and enhanced reliability. Three Hall elements are incorporated to create two independent differential channels. These channels are processed by the IC which contains a sophisticated digital circuit designed to eliminate the detrimental effects of magnet and system offsets. Hall differential signals are used to produce a highly accurate speed output and, if desired, provide information on the direction of rotation. This device is optimised for a variety of applications requiring dual-phase gear speed and position signal information or simultaneous high-resolution gear speed and direction information.

Other new products include the ALS31000; a unidirectional linear Hall-effect sensor IC with an analogue output in a miniature low-profile surface-mount package; and the A4450 buck-boost controller with integrated buck MOSFET.

The Allegro display also includes live demonstrations of applications for Allegro’s latest products including current sensors, a joystick based on an angle sensor, and a motor driver.