Thermal Management​

Thermal management systems are fundamental in electric vehicles (EVs), ensuring optimal operating temperatures for crucial elements including the battery, power electronics, the electric motor, and the cabin.

We excel in offering comprehensive chip solutions by integrating technologies such as motor drivers, current and position sensors, high voltage gate drivers, and integrated circuits into a single package. These solutions are designed to meet both existing needs and evolving trends within thermal management systems, emphasizing on factors including high power density, efficiency, accuracy, and miniaturization. Our products resulting from these concerted efforts not only improve passenger comfort by providing more space, but also contribute to the expansion of space for battery installation and efficiency enhancement. This, in turn, facilitates faster charging and extends the driving range.

Thermal Management Systems Application Diagram

Featured Products

A5932 Product Image


Three Phase Sinusoidal Sensorless Fan Controller


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Sensorless Sinusoidal Drive BLDC Controller



QuietMotion BLDC Gate Driver with Integrated FOC for Automotive Fans and Pumps