Valve Control

In EV thermal management and heat pump systems, managing the flow of coolant or refrigerant is required for optimal performance, and this is achieved with the help of precise valve control. These valves, including on/off, 2 way, or multi-way types, operate through both rotary and linear motions. They ensure appropriate temperature conditions across key components like the cabin, compressor, power electronics, and battery, directing the coolant or refrigerant, thus enabling efficient thermal regulation and energy conservation. 

Allegro offers precision control with our half-bridge DC and stepper motor controls. These are highly integrated into a compact, thermally efficient package, designed to simplify applications in limited PCB areas. We also provide 2D and 3D sensors that accurately determine the valve position, effectively supporting both smart and standard actuators for an optimized thermal management system.

Valve Control Application Diagram featuring DC/DC Regulators, Stepper Motor Drivers and Position Sensors