Self-Calibrating TPOS GMR Camshaft Speed Sensor IC with Integrated EMC Components



Top Features


The ATS16351 is a true power-on state (TPOS) camshaft sensor that incorporates a back-biasing magnet, advanced fully synchronous digital IC, and EMC protection circuit in a single sensing solution. Incorporating a GMR bridge with an optimized custom magnetic circuit, the ATS16351 IC switches in response to magnetic signals induced by a ferromagnetic target. Ideal for use in automotive applications, signal processing is used to provide zero-speed performance independent of air gap.

Integrated EMC components in the ATS16351 can eliminate the need for external protection, all while achieving world-class stray field immunity. With a number of factory programmable options, the ATS16351 allows for performance optimization, saving users design time and system cost.

  • GMR sensing technology
  • Stray field immunity
  • Extended air gap operation
  • True Power On State (TPOS) operation
  • Integrated EMC components
  • Allegro Target Profile Diagnostics

3-pin (suffix SM)

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