5.5V - 80V ASIL Half-Bridge MOSFET Gate Drive for Series Loads



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The A89503 is an N-channel power MOSFET driver capable of controlling MOSFETs connected in a half-bridge arrangement and is specifically designed for automotive applications with high-power inductive loads, such as brush DC motors, BLDC motors, VR/SR motors, solenoids, and actuators.

The A89503 features an additional low side Drain connection to allow the load to be driven in series between the Low and High Side outputs.  Additionally, a unique charge pump regulator provides full gate drive over the full supply voltage range from 5.5 to 80 V for most applications. Each MOSFET can be independently controlled by logic-level inputs or through the SPI-compatible serial interface. Fully independent control allows both external FETs to be turned on at the same time.  Integrated diagnostics indicate multiple internal faults, system faults, and power bridge faults, and can be configured to protect the power MOSFETs under most short circuit conditions.

The A89503 is supplied in a 24-lead eTSSOP (suffix LP).

  • 5.5 to 80 V supply voltage operating range
  • AEC-Q100 Half Bridge MOSFET Driver
  • Independent high-side and low-side gate drives
  • SPI-compatible serial interface with programable diagnostics
  • Current sense amplifier

24 Lead eTSSOP (suffix LP)

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