Allegro offers reliable and efficient power management, backlight display control, motor control, and position and current sensing solutions for your consumer devices. Our portfolio includes application-specific products as well as a range of standard devices designed for high-performance with minimal footprint. 

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Major Appliances

Provide consumers with highly reliable, energy efficient appliances.


Small Appliances

Create more innovative coffee machines, rice cookers, crockpots and more.


air conditioner

Residential HVAC

Design more powerful, quieter, smarter, and more energy-efficient HVAC solutions.


Woman with VR controller


Ensure efficiency and high performance in your entertainment and gaming solutions.


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Computers and Printing

No one wants a loud laptop. Allegro offers the industry's first code-free FOC BLDC fan driver for extremely quiet, extremely efficient performance. See what else we have to offer for your modern computing devices.