Charging Infrastructure

EV chargers for electric cars must be safe and reliable. Compact current sensors from Allegro help minimize heat dissipation, and can be used in EV charging stations for both residential and commercial buildings. Level 1 and 2 EV chargers are the most common and affordable for households and businesses with EV charging stations installed in parking garages. Special commercial chargers, also called superchargers, are Level 3 Fast DC chargers that deliver >50kW power to high-end electric cars and EVs.

Drawing up to 80A of current, Level 1 and 2 EV chargers plug into 120 VAC/230 VAC wall outlets and can take advantage of our safe, reliable, and power-efficient solutions. Level 3 Fast DC chargers have hundreds of amps of current flowing through them, and high-voltage isolation is required to ensure user safety. Allegro core-based and coreless current sensors are perfect for cases where the lowest heat generation and the highest current sensing accuracy are needed.

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