Allegro MicroSystems Announces the Addition of High Accuracy GMR Sensor ICs to Wheel Speed Product Family

六月 26, 2019

Allegro’s launches the A19250 and A19350 wheel speed sensor ICs ideal for advanced braking systems featuring patented GMR technology.

Manchester, NH – Allegro MicroSystems (Allegro) today announced the release of their latest wheel speed sensor product line; meeting all the industry’s requirements from high accuracy GMR to back biased Hall-effect sensor solutions.  The A19250 and A19350 are built on Allegro’s patented GMR technology which achieves industry leading performance and is orientation compatible as a drop-in solution to Hall-effect. The launch of these devices makes Allegro’s wheel speed product line ideal for meeting all the demanding requirements in today’s wheel speed applications.


“Allegro remains committed to providing the widest range of wheel speed sensing IC’s to cover all of the market needs,” explained Peter Wells, Speed Sensor Business Unit Director.  “We are proud to add these new GMR based products to our family of Hall products to cover Speed or Speed and Direction protocols as well as GMR or Hall transducer benefits, all with the latest in safety features and algorithmic performance.”


The A19250 and A19350 GMR-based ICs are designed for use in conjunction with magnet encoder rings to measure speed and direction information.   The state-of-the-art GMR technology is integrated monolithically with industry-leading signal processing algorithms, providing enhanced edge repeatability to support the high accuracy requirements with low-level differential magnetic input signals over higher operational air gaps.  GMR technology combined with differential sensing techniques offers the rejection of interfering common-mode magnetic fields. 


The GMR wheel speed sensor ICs are offered in a small single-in-line-package with an integrated EMC protection capacitor and were developed for functional safety compliance according to ISO 26262 (pending assessment). 


Allegro’s Hall-effect-based solutions include the A19200ATS19200, and A19301 wheel speed sensor ICs.  The flexibility of Hall-effect makes back-biasing a breeze.  Whether the target is a magnetic encoder ring, or a ferrous gear, these products offer speed or speed and direction information with high output accuracy. 


The products are offered in small single-in-line-packages with integrated EMC protection and were developed for functional safety compliance according to ISO 26262 (pending assessment).  For additional design-in ease, the ATS19200 is a fully integrated wheel speed sensor with EMC protection and a back-biasing magnet for a fully optimized sensor IC solution for ferrous gear applications.


For more details on Allegro’s diversified speed sensor product line, including device specifications and datasheets for the A19250 and A19350 GMR ICs, please visit