DC Wallbox

Experience the fusion of high power density and robust design with Allegro's solutions for DC Wallboxes, tailored for spaces that demand compact, yet powerful charging EV charging infrastructure. Our products are engineered to provide reliable, carefree operation, ensuring you have the power you need without the bulk you don't.

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DC Wallbox Application Diagram

Featured Products

LZ Packaging Image for the ACS37010 a 400 kHz, High Accuracy Current Sensor with Voltage Reference Output

ACS37010 and ACS37012

450 kHz, High Accuracy Current Sensor with Voltage Reference Output in Fused-Lead SOIC-6 Package


CT42x: 1Mhz, High Precision XtremeSense® TMR Isolated Current Sensor in SOIC-8 Package Product Image


The CT42x family is a high bandwidth, fast response and ultra-low noise integrated contact current sensors enables high accuracy current measurements.



Precision Hall-Effect Latches for Consumer and Industrial Applications


APM81911 Product Image


The APM81911 is a highly integrated, 3A, low EMI, DC-DC regulator module that satisfies demanding power delivery requirements.