Multi-Topology LED Driver with PWM Dimming and Seamless High/Low Intensity Modes



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The A80803 is an automotive-grade LED controller for LED headlamps and DRL/position lamps. It's a unique solution in the market, leveraging multi-topology conversion and patented IP to enable smooth high/low/high beam transitions in a single IC. The A80803’s innovative features make it easier for headlamp designers to bring advanced functionality to mainstream vehicles, enabling higher performance and more compact designs at an overall lower solution cost.

The multi-topology single-ended controller design, combined with wide input/output voltage capability, provides a universal solution for a wide variety of use cases and/or number of LEDs. It's EMC and thermal friendly, and includes both a FET driver for PWM control and a controlled slew rate driver for high/low intensity changeover to minimize over/undershoot. Options for SPI-based control or EEPROM-based end-of-line programming for standalone operation further extend the range of possibilities.

  • Multi-topology controller, including changeover during high/low beam, provides flexibility in number of LEDs driven
  • Unique slew rate control solves over/undershoot issues during high/low intensity transition
  • Options for SPI control or EEPROM programming enable a choice of local uC interface or "standalone" cost optimized solution
  • Includes a local 5V/50mA linear regulator for low power uC or external circuitry
  • Incorporates extensive fault detection and reporting through SPI, or hardwired fault signals, for globally recognized safety compliance
  • Wide input and output voltage covers a broad range of use cases

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32-Pin QFN (suffix ET)

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