Battery Management Systems and Power Distribution Units

Today’s battery management systems (BMS) need reliable, fast monitoring of the battery current – and functional safety requirements encourage heterogeneous redundancy. Our current sensor IC’s help you achieve ASIL ratings with highly accurate measurement of the battery current. 

Designed with safety in mind, our market-leading current sensors offer 240kHz bandwidth and fast response time to give you very quick overcurrent detection to disconnect the battery contactors and short circuit detection to engage the pyro fuse. 

Battery Management Systems Application Diagram

Featured Products


240kHz, Highest Accuracy Programmable Linear Sensor with Reverse Battery Protection



The ACS37612 is a standalone Hall-based coreless differential current sensor that measures currents from 200A to >1000A without requiring a magnetic concentrator core or a shield.



Multi-Output Regulator with Buck or Buck-Boost Pre-Regulator, 4× LDO Outputs, Watchdog, 4× Gate Drivers, and SPI