Electric Vehicle Transmission

Your electrified powertrains are all about efficiency. But, the larger the vehicle, the harder it is to achieve the right balance of motor size and power for hills and highway acceleration. An EV transmission can provide maximum motor power and efficiency, enabling longer ranges and delivering performance. Exactly what today’s consumers want!

Designing a single-speed or 2-speed transmission? Our advanced GMR speed and direction sensor ICs offer a 50% larger air gap, giving you installation flexibility – reducing your system size and cost. And with impressive stray field immunity and EMC performance, our sensor ICs and power management ICs are perfect for your compact system designs where EMI and efficiency are concerns.

EV Transmission Drive Unit Diagram

Featured Products

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Large Air Gap, GMR Speed Sensor IC for Gear Tooth Sensing



Automotive-Grade, Galvanically Isolated Current Sensor IC


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Automotive Three-Phase MOSFET Driver