ATS19480: Large Air Gap, GMR Speed Sensor IC for Gear Tooth Sensing

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The ATS19480 is a giant magnetoresistance (GMR) integrated circuit (IC) for speed sensing applications. The GMR-based IC is designed for use in conjunction with ferromagnetic gear tooth targets and is orientation compatible with Hall-effect technology. The ATS19480 provides accurate speed measurement over a wide operating air gap range that's 50% greater than its Hall-effect predecessor. The industry-leading operating air gap range, combined with advanced signal compensation, provides increased margin to system tolerances to reduce setting controller codes and to eliminate flatline conditions due to system dynamics. 
Ideal for the latest spatially optimized transmission designs, the ATS19480 speed sensor IC provides a single-channel solution for hybrid and pure electric vehicle transmissions and off-road vehicles and industrial application designs. The adaptability of the ATS19480 offers a fully integrated high-performance solution for design-in ease.

For applications requiring speed and direction capabilities, please see the ATS19580 back-biased GMR IC.

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Top Features

  • Innovative GMR technology provides large operational air gap sensing on ferromagnetic targets
  • Advanced algorithms for flexible design-in and system compensation
  • Automatically adapts to extreme mechanical changes (air gap) and thermal drifts
  • Integrated ASIL diagnostics and certified safety design process (optional fault reporting)
  • Fully integrated SIP package contains GMR IC, protection capacitor, and back-bias magnet for guaranteed performance and reduced system cost.

Typical Applications

  • Transmission

Part Number Specifications and Availability

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RoHS Data
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