High Power LED Driver with Pre-Emptive Boost for Ultra-High Dimming Ratio and Low Output Ripple



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A80606 extends Allegro's market-leading A8060x portfolio of LED backlight drivers. The device family is designed with an innovative and patented Pre-Emptive Boost (PEB) control, eliminating noise that is typically audible. PEB control substantially reduces Vout ripple and eliminates the common problem of audible noise from ceramic output capacitors during PWM dimming, while also requiring less output capacitance overall. Systems can achieve an LED brightness contrast ratio of 15,000:1 using PWM-only dimming at 200 Hz. A higher ratio of 150,000:1 is possible when using a combination of PWM and analog dimming.

  • Patented Control Scheme Provides Industry-Best PWM Dimming Ratio
  • Completely Eliminates “Cap Singing” Noise
  • Low EMI solution to meet strict OEM EMC requirements
  • ASIl-B system-level support for ADAS Cluster user interface
  • Latest device increases output to over 1 Amp

48-Pin 7 mm × 7 mm QFN with Wettable Flank

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Pre-Emptive Boost Control Improves LED Driver Performance