ATS19580: Large Air Gap, GMR Transmission Speed and Direction Sensor IC for Gear Tooth Sensing

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Top Features

The ATS19580 is a giant magnetoresistance (GMR) integrated circuit (IC) that provides a user-friendly two-wire solution for applications where speed and direction information is required using ferromagnetic gear tooth targets. The fully integrated package includes the GMR IC, a protection capacitor for EMC robustness, and a back-bias magnet in a single-in-line package.

The GMR-based IC is designed for use in conjunction with ferromagnetic gear tooth targets and is orientation compatible with Hall-effect technology. The fully integrated solution senses at large operating air gaps and over a large air gap range. State-of-the-art GMR technology on a monolithic IC with industry-leading signal processing provide accurate speed and direction information in response to low-level differential magnetic signals. The differential sensing offers inherent rejection of interfering common-mode magnetic fields.

Integrated diagnostics are used to detect an IC failure that would impact the output protocol’s accuracy, providing coverage compatible with ASIL B. Built in EEPROM scratch memory offers traceability of the device throughout the IC’s product lifecycle. ASIL reporting can be enabled or disabled as a product offering depending on the applications’ needs.

The ATS19580 is provided in a lead (PB) free 3-pin SIP package with tin lead frame plating. The SN package includes a GMR IC, a magnet, and capacitor integrated into a single over-mold, with an additional molded lead-stabilizing bar for robust shipping and ease of assembly.

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  • Widest dynamic range of operating air gap (50% larger)
  • Distinguishes vibration from rotation with full pitch immunity (pitch = 1 tooth/valley of a gear)
  • Maintains tracking of flawed or damaged gears
  • Measures differentially to reject commode-mode stray magnetic fields
  • Advanced algorithms prevent flatline conditions by automatically adapting to mechanical and environmental shifts

Typical Applications

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