Comfort and Cabin Experience

You and your customers both want increased fuel economy, while maintaining comfort, convenience and performance in your vehicles. Look no further. Allegro offers a broad portfolio of highly efficient solutions qualified for your demanding automotive environments.

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interior of luxury vehicle

In-Cabin Motors

Seat and steering wheel position. Mirrors, windows, roof and trunk control. They all require in-cabin motors with motor drivers and position sensors. Check out our brushless and brush DC drivers, switches and latches, angle sensors and more.

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infotainment center in car


Our comprehensive offering of switching regulators, LCD bias supplies, LED backlight drivers, and motor driver ICs is perfect for your driver information systems, navigation, and other infotainment applications.

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Close up of automotive HVAC in-cabin comfort

HVAC Systems

Maintain fuel efficiency and cabin comfort. Allegro's motor control solutions include innovative bipolar stepper motor drivers for flap control as well MOSFET gate drivers for higher power HVAC blowers.

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