Environmental Sustainability

Allegro Global Vision

We believe that innovative products should leave their mark on our world — not our planet

At Allegro, we’re taking a sustainability-first approach to semiconductor design and manufacture, integrating sustainable practices throughout our supply chain and operations with a focus on using resources responsibly and maintaining healthy, vibrant communities.

Driving Sustainability through Technology

The future is efficient, and we’re helping power the development of safe and sustainable technologies of tomorrow—today. Our products are designed to create positive environmental and social impacts by helping our customers address global challenges related to carbon emissions, energy efficiency, and clean, renewable energy. Some examples include:

Protecting Our Environment

We’re committed to supporting a greener world through action and innovation. Our approach to managing impact is rooted in our environmental policy, with a focus on:

  • Minimizing environmental impacts
  • Complying with applicable laws and regulations
  • Conserving natural resources

We strive to operate our business in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. We maintain a commitment to social responsibility across our supply chain, and disclose the environmental impact of our business operations via the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). In the 2022 reporting cycle, we were recognized for our management of climate change issues, exceeding regional averages and awareness on water conservation. You can learn more about our performance in both areas.

“As a mission-based non-profit that runs the global environmental disclosure system, CDP greatly values the support of ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS, INC.. Urgent system-wide action remains critical to ensuring that we can limit global warming to 1.5°C, avoid the worst effects of climate change and safeguard our planet’s natural resources. Disclosure is the first key step in addressing current and future environmental risks. ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS, INC. has demonstrated its commitment to transparency around its environmental impacts and strategies for action by disclosing its environmental data through CDP in 2022. Disclosure not only provides the foundation for environmental action, but brings tangible business benefits for shareholders, customers and employees alike.” 

- Dexter Galvin, CDP Global Director, Corporations & Supply Chains, 2022 


An example of one of the projects that we have undertaken to minimize our environmental impact and conserve natural resources involves our primary internal assembly and testing facility in Manila, Philippines. In 2022, we completed two solar array installation projects on the rooftops of buildings at this facility, providing a source of clean, renewable energy for our operations in the Philippines. We continue to explore additional environmental initiatives at our facility in the Philippines and at the other facilities that we own.

birds eye view of Allegro building with solar panels

As part of our goals for achieving sustainability and remaining socially responsible, we have become a member of the Responsible Business Alliance and provide continued support for the Alliance’s efforts.

Our environmental stewardship efforts extend beyond our corporate efforts; we also encourage employees to be environmentally aware in their personal activities and to participate in volunteer and community efforts that improve their local climates in order to minimize our collective ecological footprint.

Environmental Policies

We’re supporting a greener world through action and innovation.


We’re committed to exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement.

Supply Chain

We hold our business and supply chain partners to the highest ethical standards.