Clean Energy and Cloud Infrastructure

Dive into the core of innovation with Allegro! We’re not just about technology; we’re about sparking a revolution for a safer, greener tomorrow. Our cutting-edge power and sensing solutions are the building blocks of a cleaner world, powering everything from solar inverters and EV chargers to energy storage systems and heat pumps with unmatched efficiency, reliability, and simplicity.


Imagine a world where solar systems and heat pumps work at their peak, where EV charging and energy storage are not just ideas but affordable realities shaping our future. That’s the world Allegro is creating with our groundbreaking strides in current sensing, isolated gate drivers, and motor drivers. We’re making efficient technology integration a breeze and future-proofing our world, one innovation at a time.


Our sleek integrated circuits are game changers, integrating effortlessly to streamline design and supercharge energy transfer and conversion, all while minimizing power loss. This means getting your projects off the ground faster, with lower costs and a smaller footprint.


Join forces with Allegro and be at the forefront of the sustainable revolution. Discover our solutions to build a vibrant, sustainable future together. The future is promising with Allegro!

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Electric vehicle charging on a wall charger in a garage

Charging Infrastructure

The electrification of cars require high current delivery with very low power losses. Our Magnetic Sensing allows just that with high accuracy, fast reaction and small size.

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Server blades lit up in a server


Allegro can help you keep servers running reliably 24/7 while also accounting for every milliwatt of potential energy savings. Check out our selection guide!

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Close up of solar panels

Solar Energy

Our current sensors shine at high voltages. See how they're enabling the ever-growing supply of solar power.

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Energy Storage Callout Image

Energy Storage

Allegro's small ICs reduce design complexity and increase energy density, while focusing on higher efficiency reduces power loss and system temperatures.

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Heat Pumps Callout Image

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide warmth and comfort with an unparalleled energy efficiency which make them an important step towards achieving our climate goals.

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