Computers and Printing

No one wants a loud laptop. Allegro offers the industry's first code-free FOC BLDC fan driver for extremely quiet, extremely efficient performance. These QuietMotion devices integrate our innovative FOC algorithms that allow for smooth, quiet motion while eliminating the need to write software—significantly lowering R&D expenses and reducing your time to market.

We also supply a variety of voltage regulators, backlight display drivers, and Hall-based position and current sensors solutions for your PC and laptop applications.

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PCs and Laptops Application Diagram
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    DC/DC Regulators

    ARG81800 – 1A Sync Buck Regulator
    – 3.5ABuck Regulator
     – 2ANon-Sync Buck Regulator
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    Cooling Fans

    AMT49400 – Sensorless FOC BLDC Driver
    A5931 – Code Free Sensorless Driver
    A89331 – High Speed, Code Free, Sensorless Driver
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    Closure Detection

    A1171 – Ultra Sensitive, Micro-Power Hall Switch
    A3211/A3212 – Micro-Power Hall Switch Family
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    AC/DC Current Sensing

    ACS37800 – Power and Fault Monitoring IC
    – 0A-65A AC or DC Current Sensor Close
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    Charger Current Sensing

    ACS70331 – High Accuracy GMR Current Sensor
    ACS71240 – Hall Current & Fault Sensor