You need both reliability and extreme energy efficiency to meet modern demands for always-on data access. We can help you keep your servers running reliably 24/7 while also accounting for every milliwatt of potential energy savings.

Check out our single chip, small form factor power and current measurement sensor ICs for reduced ohmic losses. We also provide fan motor driver ICs that help you to meet stringent efficiency and audible noise standards—using sensorless and sinusoidal commutation, soft switching, phase advance, soft start and flexible closed loop speed control.

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Servers and Data Centers Application Diagram
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    DC/DC Regulator

    ARG81800 – 1A Sync Buck Regulator

      3.5A Buck Regulator

     2A Non-Sync Buck Regulator
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    12V & 48V Power Supply Output

    ACS71240 – Current & Over-Current Sensor


    Power Supply AC Input

    ACS724 – Hall Current Sensor

    ACS71240 – Hall Current and Fault Sensor

    ACS732/3 – 1 MHz Current & Over-Current Sensor

    Uninterruptable Power Supply Output

    ACS72981 – Hall Current Sensor

    ACS772 – High Power Current Sensor

    UPS Power Factor Correction

    ACS730 – 1 MHz Hall Sensor with VREF

    ACS733 – 1 MHz Sensor and Over-Current Fault

    Power Distribution Unit

    ACS71240 – Current & Over-Current Sensor

    ACS772 – High Power Current Sensor

    Fully Integrated Isolated Gate Driver

    AHV85110:  Isolated GaNFET Driver with Integrated Isolated Bias Supply

    AHV85111: Isolated GaNFET Driver with Regulated Bipolar Output Drive

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    Door Closure & Card Insertion Sensors

    A1171 – Ultra Sensitive, Micro-Power Hall Switch

    A3211/A3212 – Hall Effect Latches

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    Cooling Fan & Rack Fans

    A89331 – High Speed, Code Free, Sensorless Driver

    – Code Free Sensorless Driver

    – Code Free Sensorless Controller Close
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    Load Management Current Sensor

    ACS71240 – Current & Over-Current Sensor

    ACS70331 – High Resolution GMR Current Sensor

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