Brush DC Drivers

Allegro provides a broad portfolio of safe and robust brush DC solutions. With both integrated and MOSFET gate drives our product lines are ideal for low- and high-power applications alike. Increased digital content with embedded drive algorithms simplify your implementation, while enhanced diagnostics and protection features ensure a safe and reliable solution.

Our team offers extensive knowledge of DC requirements, allowing us to design devices that meet your toughest challenges.

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5.5V - 80V ASIL Half-Bridge MOSFET Gate Drive

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5.5V - 80V ASIL Half-Bridge MOSFET Gate Drive for Series Loads

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Allegro MicroSystems ES LP 20 Package

A89505 and A89506

50 V Full-Bridge Gate Drivers with Input Controls

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See below for our offerings of Brush DC Motor Drivers, DC Motor Controllers and Brush Motor ICs

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