Allegro Current Sensors

Allegro has been driving innovation in the current sensor industry for nearly 20 years, with a history of first-to-market products that give our customers a competitive edge. Our advanced ICs help you achieve higher efficiency and power density in your designs. Our fully integrated solutions make design-in easy.

We're leading the market in main traction motor and auxiliary inverters for electric vehicles, and OEMs trust Allegro for applications like DC to DC converters and on-board chargers.

We also shine at high voltage with industry leading isolation ratings of up to 1100Vrms—ideal for residential and industrial solar inverter applications.

Features and Innovations

DC Working Voltage

Our packages have the highest working voltages in SOIC-16 footprint

Over-current Detection

Allegro’s current sensors include fast over-current detection in addition to a precision analog output.

High Speed sensors replace bulky current transformers

High speed integrated sensors are the smart alternative to bulky current transformers (CTs).

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