Magnetic Speed Sensors

We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of magnetic speed sensors ICs, covering the full range of speed and speed with direction, two- and three-wire interface, magnetic encoder (ring magnet) and gear tooth sensing, Hall and GMR technology, and ASIL-compliant options for transmission, wheel speed, engine, e-motors, and many more encoder and gear tooth sensing applications. 

Our innovative Hall-effect and GMR technologies provide the most robust and reliable gear tooth and ring magnet speed sensing in the world.

Thanks to decades of application and algorithm experience and close collaboration with OEMs, we develop application-specific speed sensor ICs that are optimized for your target applications—improving safety, reliability, and performance.

Our magnetic speed sensors offer:
  • Dynamic compensation for system-level variation (i.e., target runout, vibration, thermal gradients) reducing design-in complexity and costs and increasing reliability.
  • Integrated packaging for EMC protection, as well as optional magnetic biasing that simplifies design and assembly while improving performance.
  • Integration of discrete components to eliminate the need for external PCB and components, significantly reducing total system cost (third generation GTS packages).

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Electric Vehicle Dashboard Display featuring Camshaft Position Sensors and speed sensors for use within True Power On state Technology

Camshaft Sensor ICs

We provide fully integrated hall-effect camshaft position sensor IC solutions for EMC protection and true power-on state (TPOS). Optional back-biased magnets simplify your design while improving performance.

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Conventional powertrain SUV parked in the mountains

Crankshaft Sensor ICs

With high performance and excellent edge accuracy, our fully integrated ICs are also highly flexible. We offer optimized solutions for engines in 2-wheelers and advanced solutions that are essential for start-stop engines.

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Yellow two wheeler moped scooter

Special Purpose and E-Motor Speed Sensor ICs

Working on something other than a vehicle? Our portfolio provides optimized speed sensor IC solutions for many non-automotive applications.

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Close up on transmission gear shifter and parking brake

Transmission Sensor ICs

Our ICs are ready for any challenge presented by fuel-efficient 6 to 10-speed transmissions, providing you with industry-leading vibration immunity and dynamic air gap capability.

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Side view of car and wheel

Wheel Speed Sensor ICs

Our patented, best-in-class GMR technology provides low jitter and high air gap over the widest installation tolerance.

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Featured Products

Allegro MicroSystems K Package (4-Pin SIP)


Fine Target Pitch Dual Output Differential Speed and Direction Sensor IC

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Allegro 2-Pin SIP UB Package


User-Friendly, Versatile Wheel Speed Sensor IC

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Allegro 3-PIN SIP SN Package


Large Air Gap, GMR Transmission Speed and Direction Sensor IC for Gear Tooth Sensing

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