Transmission Sensor ICs

Setting a New Standard in Transmission Speed Sensor Performance

Allegro offers the most comprehensive transmission speed sensor portfolio on the market.  Using leading Hall and GMR technologies Allegro’s selection includes various output interfaces and protocols, SIP packages with magnet and protection component options, and optional ASIL reporting.  Our transmission speed sensors are built with decades of system level expertise, providing industry leading vibration immunity and dynamic air gap capability. And our advanced dynamic algorithms compensate for system level disturbances, guaranteeing stable output in the presence of system anomalies.  

Our latest offering is a back biased GMR gear tooth sensor IC for larger air gap performance without the sacrifice of industry leading performance capabilities our sensors are known for in transmission applications.  And, with Safety in mind, all of our latest transmission speed sensor ICs are designed to ISO 26262—the first in the market.

Features include:

  • Front and back-biased solutions for magnetic encoder or ferrous target sensing
  • Two-and three-wire output protocols supporting speed, direction, and ASIL error reporting (optional)
  • Integrated solutions include IC, magnet (optional), and EMC protection component(s) in a single overmolded miniature package
  • Differential sensing offers inherent common-mode stray field immunity 

  • Low jitter for high edge accuracy
  • Flexible orientation GMR technology for xMR or Hall replacement and application installation flexibility
  • EEPROM enables factory traceability throughout the production process

Featured Products

SN package image


Large Air Gap, GMR Speed Sensor IC for Gear Tooth Sensing

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Allegro 3-PIN SIP SN Package


The ATS19520 is an advanced Hall-effect transmissions sensor that uses an integrated back-bias magnet to measure the speed and direction of rotating ferrous targets.

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Allegro 2-Pin SIP UB Package


The A19520 is an advanced vibration-tolerant Hall-effect integrated circuit (IC) that measures the speed and direction of rotating targets, ideal for transmission applications.

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Transmission Speed Sensor ICs Selection Guide

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