48V Systems

The demand for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in electrical systems is driving the adoption of 48V systems across industries. These higher voltage systems provide a more optimal alternative to conventional 12V or 24V architectures, especially where higher power delivery is crucial. In the automotive world, 48V systems boost fuel economy and performance. Data centers utilize them to optimize energy use and minimize cooling expenses. Industrial automation and telecommunications also leverage 48V to power motors, actuators, and other high-power equipment.

The advantage? Driving larger loads with less current results in reduced losses and enhanced efficiency, which makes 48V systems a compelling solution for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • 48 Volt Automotive: Allegro’s 48V automotive designed Power ICs, coupled with leading sensors, optimize mild hybrid powertrains and BEV loads to improve range and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • 48 Volt Industrial: Allegro’s gate robust 100V Si-Process offers the right solutions for precise motor control and smooth operation in automation applications.
  • 48 Volt Data Center: Allegro’s 48V dedicated/optimized fan and pump Gate Drive Units allow a simple and reliable upgrade from 12V systems to maximize efficiency and peak performance.

Beyond 12V: Why traditional systems will struggle with modern power demands

Traditional 12V systems, currently the mainstay of power delivery, are struggling to keep pace with the escalating power requirements of modern applications. The limitations of 12V systems become clear when considering factors like power loss and cable thickness. As power demands increase, so do the currents within a 12V system in a linear fashion (P = V*I). This results in higher power losses along any wiring from the supply source to the load (Ploss= I2 *R). Practically speaking, if you double the power demand of the system the current will also double, but the power losses will quadruple! These power losses manifest as unwanted heat and reduced system efficiency. Also, managing higher currents requires thicker and heavier cables which adds weight and cost to system designs.

You may question the decision to limit the voltage to 48V when the advantages of higher voltages are apparent. However, the primary factor behind this limit is the safety standards that must be adhered to. Organizations such as UL and NFPA designate voltages below 60V as Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV), deeming them safe for human interaction with unshielded equipment.

Power = Voltage * Current
A 4x higher voltage allows 4x lower current to power equal loads. 

With Voltage = Resistance * Current and
Powerloss = Current² * Resistance lower currents enable lower power losses.

Lower power losses mean higher efficiency and less heat to dissipate.
Thinner Wire can lead up to a ~65% weight reduction.

48V Systems Image Depicting Ploss Equations 

Harness High Efficiency and Peak Performance with our 48V Solutions

Allegro’s SG8 semiconductor process technology in production for many years now was developed with 48V automotive systems in mind supporting up to 100V operation. The process technology features transistors with 122V breakdown voltage, lower drain-to-source resistance (Rdson), in addition to handling negative transients and reverse polarity. With this advanced process, automotive quality and reliability pedigree and a breadth of products capable of supporting both 12 and 48V operation, our solutions are best suited to start your transition to designing 48V systems for optimal performance, efficiency, and cost.

Allegro offers a broad array of sensor and power IC products ready for use in the design of 48V systems across a myriad of automotive, industrial, clean energy and data center applications.

48V Power IC and Sensor Product Portfolio

Product Description
  AMT49100 80 V Automotive Three-Phase MOSFET Driver with 3 LS current sense amplifiers
  AMT49101 80 V Automotive Three-Phase MOSFET Driver with 2 LS current sense amplifiers and linear regulator for microprocessor
  AMT49502 80V Half Bridge MOSFET Gate Driver with single LS current sense amplifier
  A89500 100V Half Bridge for distributed EPS/Braking systems, ultra small package
  A89503 Half Bridge Gate Driver for series connected load with single LS current sense amplifier
  A89103 Solid State 3 phase motor phase isolator 2 additional channels for reverse battery disconnect
Product Description
  ACS37220 Low Resistance, High Power Density 200A Current Sensor in QFN Package
  ACS72981 High-Precision Linear Hall-Effect-Based Current Sensor IC With 200 μΩ Current Conductor
  ACS71240 Cost-Effective Shunt Alternative Hall-based Current Sensor
Product Description
  AHV85000 Primary side of GaN FET Isolated Gate Driver Chipset with Power-Thru Integrated Isolated Bias Supply
  AHV85040 Secondary side of GaN FET Isolated Gate Driver Chipset with Power-Thru Integrated Isolated Bias Supply
  AHV85110 Self-Powered Single-Channel Isolated GaNFET Gate Driver with Power-Thru Integrated Isolated Bias Supply
  AHV85111 Self-Powered Single-Channel Isolated GaNFET Gate Driver with Regulated Bipolar Output Drive

48V Pumps & Fans

Allegro's Power ICs ensure that 48V pumps and fans operate at peak efficiency, with advanced control for fluid dynamics, system pressure or thermal management in automotive thermal management systems or in data center cooling.

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48V Steering and Braking Systems

Allegro’s Power ICs deliver precise control and power optimization for 48V steering and braking systems, ensuring superior vehicle handling and reliability.

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48V Motor Control

Allegro’s motor drivers and gate drivers deliver precise and efficient control for 48V motors and actuators in automotive and industrial automation, enhancing productivity and reliability.

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48V Power Tools

Our Power ICs deliver a next level of precise control and power optimization for 18V-60V Power Tools, ensuring superior handling and performance (in your hands).

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