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Magnetic 1D and 2D latches with industry-leading jitter performance using both TMR and Hall technology that is revolutionizing the mechanical design of motors and encoders, the ability to survive the harshest automotive voltage transients, the broadest portfolio of continuous-time switches and latches, and a full offering of TMR Industrial, Consumer, and Medical focused solutions are just some of the reasons why Allegro is a clear leader in digital position sensing.

Switches and Latches Selection Guide

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To determine the part best suited for your system, please refer to our Switches and Latches Selection Guide.

Switches & Latches Selection Guide


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Hall-Effect Latches and Bipolar Switches

Our high-performance magnetic latches offer you industry-leading jitter performance, EMC/ESD robustness, and magnetic precision—all at competitive price points.

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Dual Hall-Effect Latches

Vertical Hall Technology by Allegro (VHT) sensing solutions revolutionize motors and encoders, delivering quadrature signals independent of magnet pitch or air gap.

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Two-Wire Hall-Effect Switches

OEMs and tier one providers choose from our broad portfolio of Hall-effect switches for applications like seat belt buckles, seat track, shift selectors, door ajar, and so much more.

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Three-Wire Hall-Effect Switches

Perfect for sensing absolute position or proximity in harsh automotive environments, our three-wire switches are ideal for applications like shift selectors, door ajar, user interfaces and vane-interrupt systems.

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Nanopower TMR & Micropower Hall Switches

Extend the life of your battery-powered devices with these integrated Hall-effect sensor ICs. These switches offer low power consumption and are ideal for use in on/off switching applications and for detection of tampering in utility meters.

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Special-Purpose Devices

Don't see the right solution? Take a look at products we've developed for very specific applications. We offer deep and broad applications expertise to help you find—or create—a device that fits your needs.

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Featured Products

UA-LH Package


Voltage-Controlled Two-Wire Continuous-Time Hall-Effect Latch

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Chopper-Stabilized Precision Vertical Hall-Effect Latch

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Three-Wire Hall-Effect Latch with Advanced Diagnostics

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Two-Wire Hall-Effect Switch

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