Special Purpose and E-Motor Speed Sensor ICs

Working on something other than a vehicle? Our portfolio provides optimized speed sensor IC solutions for many non-automotive applications where speed or speed and direction information are needed.

Thanks to decades of application and algorithm experience and close collaboration with OEMs, we are able to develop application-specific speed sensor ICs that are best suited for their target applications—improving safety and performance.

Featured Products

ATS668SLM Product Image


The ATS668LSM is an optimized Hall-effect integrated circuit (IC) and permanent magnet pellet combination with integrated EMC protection components to provide a user-friendly solution for true zero-speed digital gear tooth sensing.

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4-Pin SG Package Image


The ATS17501 is a single IC solution designed for rotational position sensing of a ferrous gear target found in automotive and industrial electric motor applications.

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A31316 3D MAG hall-effect magnetic camshaft position sensor packaging image


The A17301 integrates a single IC and EMC components into a small SIP package, providing a robust and cost-effective solution for digital ring-magnet sensing or ferromagnetic target sensing when coupled with a back-biasing magnet.

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