Conventional Powertrain

With a well-established, worldwide presence, Allegro is a global leader in automotive power and sensing solutions. Our devices are deeply integrated in conventional vehicles—there are over 80 Allegro ICs in common luxury car platforms. 

Trusted by leading OEMs and tier one suppliers around the world, we offer safe, efficient solutions for all of your automotive applications.


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Pump Systems

Allegro offers a complete lineup of brushless DC and brush DC motor drivers, as well as current and position sensor ICs designed to perform in your automotive pump systems.

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Engine Management

You're faced with the challenge of making engines run cleaner and more efficiently than ever before. We've been leading the way with innovations like camshaft and crankshaft sensors capable of high accuracy immediately upon startup.

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With decades of system-level expertise built into each of our designs, Allegro provides industry-leading vibration immunity and dynamic air gap capability for your transmission applications.

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Cooling Fans

Our brush and brushless motor controller ICs, as well as our power management ICs, are designed and qualified for harsh, under-hood applications like engine cooling. See how they can improve your efficiency and performance.

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