Interface ICs

Easy to use, flexible, and reliable. Allegro’s sensor interface ICs offer accurate and fast output for signal conditioning in a wide range of applications, from electric vehicle HVAC systems to transmission oil pressure.  Our innovative algorithms deliver robust EMC performance and provide critical diagnosticsthat support automotive safety.

Built on decades of innovation, these flexible ICs offer programmability to help you tackle some of the key challenges in designing sensor interfaces, like shortening test cycles. 

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Metal pressure sensor component

Sensor Interface ICs

Allegro interface ICs for speed and pressure sensors deliver fast and accurate output ideal for various automotive and industrial applications. With integrated signal conditioning algorithms, Allegro interface ICs offer system simplification and advanced diagnostics for safety-critical systems.

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Smoke detector with smoke and red light

Smoke Detector ICs

One of the most abundant consumer electronic devices found in today’s home is the common ceiling mounted smoke detector. As an essential home safety product, our market-leading smoke detector interface solutions are both efficient and highly reliable.

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