Climate Change Policy

At Allegro, we believe that innovative products should leave their mark on our world, not our planet. A sustainability-first approach to product development and manufacture is key to innovating with purpose; it’s a responsibility we have to our customers, shareholders, employees, and the global community. We acknowledge that the climate is changing, and we’re committed to doing our part to protect our shared environment.

Across teams and around the world, we’re leading by example. Whether it’s designing new products to use fewer raw materials, developing processes to reduce production complexity, or giving customers new ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints, we’re supporting a cleaner, greener world through action and innovation. Here are some of the ways we’re working to help minimize our environmental impact and mitigate the impacts of climate change: 

  • We’re reducing energy consumption across our operations and in our supply chain, implementing alternative or renewable options where possible to provide sustainable energy for our facilities.

  • We’re investing in R&D efforts that will help manufacturers reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency, and facilitate the transition to clean, renewable energy. 

  • We’re implementing and improving water efficiency efforts in all aspects of our operations and in the communities where we operate. (See our Water Policy for more information.)

  • We’re collaborating and engaging with customers, employees, supply chain partners, and other ecosystem members on new ways to reduce energy consumption and water usage, as well as streamline raw material and process needs.

  • We’re reporting our GHG emissions, results, and engagements openly and in accordance to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

We’ll build on these efforts in the years to come and adopt new approaches to further reduce our carbon footprint, as well as help customers and partners reduce theirs. The future is efficient and sustainable, and we’re committed to driving the development of safe and sustainable technologies of tomorrow—today.

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