Allegro Water Policy

At Allegro, we believe that innovative products should leave their mark on the world, not the planet. Our responsibilities to shareholders, employees, stakeholders, and the global community are carefully considered in addressing global challenges. The threat and lack of access to clean water and sanitation in many parts of the world cause great suffering, and the challenge of addressing this access will increase over time. We are committed to implementing human rights-based approaches to water stewardship in our operations and supply chain. We also bring these practices into a broader engagement with communities, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

We understand that access to safe water in ample supply is critical for the communities in which we operate. At Allegro, we are committed to building a sustainable organization that supports the communities around us. We know there is inherent water usage in the semiconductor manufacturing process, which is why, Allegro takes pride in having water used in our internal manufacturing processes returned into the earth in better or equivalent quality.

In 2010, the United Nations expanded the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to include the Human Right to Water1.This right is defined as all people's right to safe, sufficient, acceptable, physically accessible, and affordable water for personal and domestic use. At Allegro, our team confirms and respects this declaration and human right.

To alleviate and adapt to future water uncertainty, we will address the following fields:

  • Ensure that our direct operations do not encroach on the human right to water and sanitation in the communities in which we operate. This includes:
    • Implementing a secure and healthy work environment, including reliable water for both drinking and hygiene in our facilities.
    • Establishing targets for wastewater removal in absolute compliance with local regulations and where required, treating our wastewater internally before discharging it to the environment.
  • Apply consistently transparent and robust water governance by managing water usage at operations effectively and efficiently while collaborating within our communities to achieve responsible and sustainable water usage.
  • Aim to use the policies of the Alliance for Water Stewardship's Water Stewardship Standard as a self-assessment model at facilities within priority watersheds2.
  • Integrate the expense and value of water into company decisions, including project development, business planning, and closure planning pursuits.
  • Proactively evaluate water risks in our supply chain and value chain.

The safe, efficient, sustainable use, reuse, management, treatment, and discharge of water are all part of our commitment to clean and sustainable water. We continue to drive water conservation and efficiency improvements at our operations. Monitoring our water performance, setting targets, and tracking progress against these targets will help us to ensure this commitment. We will build resiliency to the variability of climate and extreme events into our operations and logistics by engaging proactively with stakeholders in the watersheds where we operate.

Providing access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for all our employees will always be a top priority at Allegro.

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