Allegro Launches Industry’s Largest Portfolio of Grade 0 Automotive Gate Drivers for Advanced 48V Battery Systems

October 19, 2020
Allegro MicroSystems Releases Suite of Motor Drivers for 48V Powertrains

New suite of motor drivers offers world-class features and advanced safety diagnostics in ultra-small packages — ideal for electric vehicles.

Allegro MicroSystems, a global leader in sensing and power solutions for motion control and energy-efficient systems, today introduced the industry’s largest portfolio of 80V motor drivers for advanced 48V automotive systems. Allegro’s 48V products effectively address the critical need for flexible and reliable solutions in electric vehicles. Drawing on decades of experience, Allegro’s new suite of fully integrated gate drivers offer optimized architecture and performance directly impacting vehicle weight, battery/fuel efficiency, and driver safety.


With the robust design and performance customers have come to expect, Allegro’s new gate drivers are prepared to suit any load configuration from half bridge with independent high-side and low-side outputs to three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) control. Developed on a high-voltage process node for 48V systems, these devices offer world-class safety diagnostics and diagnostic verification enabled with a fully compliant ISO 26262 process.


The new devices include:

  • AMT49100 & AMT49101: 80V safety three-phase gate drivers for electric power steering (EPS) and other safety-critical systems

  • AMT49502: 80V safety half-bridge gate driver with actuators and solid-state relays

  • A89503: 80V safety half-bridge gate driver with independent high-side and low-side output loads for floating loads, such as seat heaters and catalytic heaters

  • A89500: 100V high-power half-bridge gate driver in ultra-compact DFN package for distributed systems, 48V power inverters, golf carts, and e-bikes

Offered in ultra-small packages, these devices are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the automotive market by increasing functionality while decreasing PCB footprint.

Optimized solutions for 48V applications

Allegro’s full solution 48V gate drivers are reliable, robust, and offer optimal flexibility. Augmented based on application, these devices offer multiple topologies and can support various loads (up to 10 kW) from catalytic heaters and actuators to EPS and braking applications. 

“The advantages for 48V are clear,” says Steve Lutz, Product Line Director at Allegro. “Engineers can now increase efficiency, reduce weight and design size, and achieve a more accurate and higher performance driver experience. As the electric vehicle (EV) market is rapidly expanding, so too is our portfolio of 48V products. Our innovative solutions integrate the right features for the right application—all while being one of the safest and smallest offerings on the market.” 

Market leading diagnostics for safety-critical systems

 Acknowledging the importance of system and driver safety, Allegro’s new 48V motor portfolio was designed for the cars of the future—today. These 80V automotive gate drivers were developed on an ISO 26262 compliant design process and provide the best diagnostic features in the industry. Ideal for safety-critical systems, Allegro’s ASIL Gate Drivers have over 20 diagnostic features included, allowing the customer to diagnose, verify, and act against system faults.

“Engineers and system designers can now rest assured that they are building-in a wide variety of market-leading diagnostic capabilities with the use of Allegro’s 48V motor drivers,” says Vijay Mangtani, Vice President of Power ICs. “At Allegro, we’re passionate about developing intelligent solutions that move the world toward a safer and more sustainable future.  The use of these devices ensure achievement of this vision and are giving our customers a competitive edge.”

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