Flap Control

The flap control actuator in automotive HVAC systems precisely adjusts and controls the position of flaps or doors, directly influencing airflow and temperature regulation within the vehicle. It dictates air distribution to various vents, blends hot and cold air to achieve desired temperatures, and manages the balance between fresh outside air and recirculated cabin air.

Allegro stepper motor drivers provide easy open loop position with low noise due to high-resolution microstepping. Additionally, diagnostics such as open/short load detection enhance safety and performance in valve control operations.

Flap Control Application Diagram
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    DC/DC Regulator ICs

    ARG81800 – 1A, Synchronous Rectified Buck DC/DC
    APM81803 – 3A, Synchronous Buck Regulator Module
    APM81911 – 3A, Synchronous Buck Regulator Module
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    Stepper Motor Driver

    A4980 – Integrated Micro Stepping Motor Driver
    A4992 – Flexible Micro Stepping Motor Driver

    AMT49700 – Integrated Micro Stepping Motor Driver