Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Our high accuracy GMR technology provides extremely precise wheel speed and position measurement to the ABS controller—critical to your anti-lock braking systems. Our patented, best-in-class Allegro GMR technology also provides low jitter and high air gap over the widest installation tolerance, and advanced dynamic algorithms that compensate for anomalies in driving behavior, guaranteeing steady state output behavior in the presence of system variation. 

Don't forget—Allegro also provides a culture of safety and quality control. We offer a full line of Hall-based devices designed to ISO 26262 specifications for safety critical appliations like anti-lock braking.

Anti lock brake stability control application diagram
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    Conventional Back-Biased

    ARS19200 – Hall Speed Sensor

    ATS19200 – Hall Speed Sensor

    A19301 – Two-wire Hall-Effect Speed and Direction Sensor IC

    A19302  Hall-Effect Wheel Speed and Direction Sensor IC

    High Accuracy Front-Biased

    A19250 – GMR Speed Sensor

    A19350 – GMR Speed and Direction Sensor

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    Angle Sensor ICs

    A1333 – Hall-Effect Angle Sensor IC with Integrated Diagnostics

    AAS33001  Dual Die CVH Angle Sensor

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    1- and 3-Phase Drivers and MOSFET Pre-Driver ICs

    A4911 – Automotive Three-Phase MOSFET Driver

    A4916 – Automotive Three-Phase MOSFET Driver

    A4918 – N-channel power MOSFET driver

    AMT49106 and AMT49107 – 50V BLDC Gate Drivers with Low Voltage Operation

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    Actuator/Solenoid Driver ICs

    A3942 – Gate Driver ICs with Automotive Applications 

    A3944  Gate Driver ICs with Automotive Applications

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    Multiple Output Regulators

    A4412 – Buck or Buck/Boost Pre-Regulator with a Synchronous Buck

    ARG82801 – Fully Integrated PMIC plus 4x High Side Gate Drivers 

    ARG81402 – Multi-Output Regulator with Buck Pre-Regulator