Brushless DC Drivers (BLDC)

With decades of motor control experience, our technology enables customers to address demanding market challenges, achieving cost-optimized systems and improved time to market, all while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Covering a wide range of power systems, our integrated MOSFET and gate driver ICs thrive in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications, ranging from 3.5 to 100 V operating voltage.

Offering products developed to ISO 26262 standards, we help customers like you to meet new safety-critical requirements.

Allegro Advantage

ASIL Safety Motor Drivers

Industry-leading ASIL D gate driver portfolio

Code-Free Integrated Motion Control

QuietMotion embedded algorithms, no software needed

Robustness and Reliability

High integration, smaller footprint packages enable smaller motors

Featured Product Lines

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Intelligent Gate Drivers

Our first-to-market field-oriented control BLDC electric motor controllers that are customer code-free.

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ASIL-certified devices

Safety Motor Drivers

We offer an automotive safety line that is thoroughly designed, manufactured, validated as safe and reliable, and integrated with other automotive electronic systems.

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Motor Driver Selection Guide

The following devices have been discontinued:  A3932, A4900A4936