Braking Systems

Brakes are some of the most crucial safety components in automobiles. Used to slow a vehicle’s momentum before parking and avoid collisions and accidents, braking systems have undergone rapid development throughout the years. Automobile brakes have evolved from the mechanical drum brakes of the early 19th century to hydraulic brakes, disc brakes, and recently, electronic braking systems that could render previous designs obsolete in the long run.

Our wide range of safe, robust, automotive-qualified motor driver ICs, power management ICs, and Hall-effect sensor ICs enable next-generation braking systems.

We have decades of experience designing to the highest level of automotive standards. All our braking solutions are designed to the ISO 26262 standard, and engineering support is available to help ensure system-level safety goals are met. Many or our devices, including power management ICs and BLDC gate drivers, have industry-leading diagnostic and verification features to make designing ASIL D systems as easy as possible.

vehicle brake pedal

Conventional Braking with ABS and VSC

Our high accuracy GMR technology provides extremely precise wheel speed and position measurement to the ABS controller—critical to your anti-lock braking systems.

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sports car wheel with red brakes

Electrohydraulic Braking

Allegros Electrohydraulic braking solution provides fast braking response in emergency situations and smooth handling during automated driving scenarios, such as adaptive cruise control.

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Electromechanical Braking

At Allegro, we have the components needed to support the future design of electromechanical braking systems. Our solution offers the highest level of safety and quality while enabling fast response and smooth handling of the electric motors on the brake caliper.

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electric parking brake

Electric Parking Brake

We provide a wide range of automotive-qualified motor driver ICs, power management ICs, and Hall-effect sensor ICs to enable your electric cable pulling solution or your electric caliper solution.

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