Clean Energy Solutions

Lead the charge toward a more sustainable future

In today’s ever-evolving world, clean energy is not just a necessity, but a global responsibility. Energy companies are looking for sustainable and cost-effective solutions that can overcome the challenges of inefficiency, reliability, safety, and complexity. When designing clean energy systems like solar, wind, energy storage, heat pumps and electric vehicle (EV) chargers, engineers are expected to do more with less. Engineers must maximize energy utilization, enhance safety and reliability and deliver higher ROI – all while reducing their overall environmental footprint.

Look no further than Allegro MicroSystems. As a market leader in providing innovative technology for the clean energy market we can help you achieve greater ROI through our intelligent sensing and power solutions that optimize performance and efficiency, integrate seamlessly, and deliver safe, reliable, and future-proof technologies.

Our Clean Energy eBook highlights many challenges faced by designers of clean energy systems and offers solutions to develop safe, reliable, high performance, and affordable systems that can get to market faster. Learn how to overcome the challenges of next-generation energy systems.



Electric vehicle charging on a wall charger in a garage

Charging Infrastructure

The electrification of cars require high current delivery with very low power losses. Our Magnetic Sensing allows just that with high accuracy, fast reaction and small size.

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Heat Pumps Callout Image

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide warmth and comfort with an unparalleled energy efficiency which make them an important step towards achieving our climate goals.

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Energy Storage Callout Image

Energy Storage

Allegro's small ICs reduce design complexity and increase energy density, while focusing on higher efficiency reduces power loss and system temperatures.

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Close up of solar panels

Solar Energy

Our current sensors shine at high voltages. See how they're enabling the ever-growing supply of solar power.

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