Toxics Use Reduction and Resource Conservation Policy

The Toxics Use Reduction (TUR) Team at the Allegro MicroSystems Worcester location actively seeks to achieve toxics use reduction of the chemicals we use, as well as resource conservation of the water, electricity, and natural gas that we use, and the waste that we generate.

As of the end of 2010, we reduced the generation of byproducts from chemicals reported to the MassDEP by 71% since 1990, and the emissions generated by 96% when adjusted for production volume. We also have reduced the usage of water by 62%, electricity by 17%, natural gas by 19%, and the non-recycled solid waste by 82%.

Allegro’s policies with respect to the environment are outlined in our Environmental Policy and our policy on Global Citizenship.  As part of our ISO-14001 certification, we set annual goals regarding toxics use reduction and resource conservation.

For demonstrating environmental leadership through the implementation of toxics use reduction and management systems conserving resources and creating a healthy work environment, Allegro’s Worcester location was one of 17 companies in Massachusetts to be recognized in the TURA 20th Anniversary Tour in 2010.  See: Allegro MicroSystems / Press Releases / News / TURI - TURI - Toxics Use Reduction Institute

In 2004, the Allegro Worcester location was one of 4 companies in Massachusetts recognized by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute for being Champions of Toxics Use Reduction.