Three Phase Sinusoidal Sensorless Fan Controller


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The A5932 is a three phase sensorless BLDC fan MOSFET gate driver that incorporates sensorless sinusoidal drive to minimize audible noise and vibration for high power fans.

A sinusoidal voltage profile is applied to the windings of the motor at startup to quietly and gradually ramp up the motor to desired speed.

The motor speed is controlled by applying a duty cycle command to the SPD input. The speed input is allowed to operate over a wide frequency range.

  • 180° sinusoidal drive - low audible noise and vibration
  • Motor position using Allegro's sensorless algorithm - eliminates external Hall sensors
  • 5V to 50V operating voltage range - wide operating supply voltage range for variety of applications

24-lead TSSOP with exposed thermal pad (LP package)

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24-contact QFN with exposed thermal pad 4 mm x 4 mm x 0.75 mm (ES package).

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