A17502: Fine Target Pitch Dual Output Differential Speed and Direction Sensor IC


The A17502 is a single IC solution designed for rotational position sensing of a ring magnet target found in automotive and industrial electric motor applications (often with specific application and safety requirements). As a narrow target pitch, speed and direction sensor IC, the A17502 is designed to provide incremental position for asynchronous electric motors operating up to 30k RPM.

Two independent differential output channels offer options for high resolution XOR speed, pulse, and direction protocols. Advanced calibration techniques are used to optimize signal offset and amplitude. This calibration, combined with the digital tracking of the signal, results in accurate switch points over air gap, speed, and temperature. Combined with sensing a narrow target pitch of 1.1 mm, the A17502 provides a reliable and robust solution for electric vehicle (EV) applications.

The IC can be programmed for a variety of applications requiring dual-phase target speed and position signal information or simultaneous high-resolution target speed and direction information. It can be configured to enable Fault Detection mode for ASIL B(D) utilization (assessment pending), providing a new level of performance demanded in today's electric motors.

Top Features

  • Ideally suited for xEV asynchronous electric motor applications with narrow pitch targets 
  • Two independent output channels with options for high resolution XOR speed, pulse and direction protocol
  • High-speed switching bandwidth up to 40 kHz 
  • Differential sensing for robustness to external magnetic disturbance 
  • EEPROM enabled factory traceability throughout product lifecycle

Typical Application

  • xEV Asynchronous Electric Motor

Part Number Specifications and Availability

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