GMR Gear Tooth Sensor Offers System-Level Robustness and Efficiency


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ATS19581 is an advanced technology solution for transmission applications with stringent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. The ATS19581 is a fully integrated gear-tooth sensor that offers proven, highly advanced magnetically back-biased giant magnetoresistance (GMR) technology capable of sensing near or far airgap. The ATS19581 can be used as either a speed sensor or a speed and direction sensor, and for automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) or non-ASIL applications. A dedicated pin for diagnostics enables robust design-in based on key functionalities of the IC. Real-time signal integrity monitoring means designers can achieve robust functionality over varied application conditions, achieving higher margin performance. The high-performance and design versatility can reduce the number of sensor qualifications, reducing overall system costs. In addition to automotive transmission, other implementations in two-wheeler and industrial applications—especially those experiencing air-gap challenges—may be able to realize savings.

  • GMR technology senses at near or far air gap for optimal design-in flexibility
  • Integrated EMC circuit protects against harsh supply line transients eliminating the need for a large bypass capacitor and twisted pair harness
  • System compensation for vibration, mechanical shifts, and thermal gradients to ease controller burden and increase signal reliability
  • Test pin access for system characterization within application environment
  • Speed or Speed and Direction output protocol allows single qualification to cover multiple applications

The ATS19581 is provided in a single overmolded lead (Pb) free 3-pin SIP package (ST) with tin leadframe plating. The ST package includes a GMR IC, a magnet, and the EMC circuit, including the bypass capacitor.


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