We understand optics. Our experienced team of engineers and scientists has been pioneering photonics since 1999, developing cutting-edge solutions that help our customers bring breakthrough innovations to life.

We’re currently working with several lidar system manufacturers to evaluate our photonic technology, which is manufactured in a compact, surface-mount package. Developed specifically for automotive applications, these parts will help automakers enable Levels of Autonomy 3, 4, and 5 by offering enhanced environmental sensing and detection capabilities at “eye-safe” wavelengths.

We believe that our solutions will provide automakers with the technology they need to enable a high-performance lidar solution that’s more compact and less expensive than options currently on the market, most of which are only available in expensive hermetic metal packages that are difficult to integrate into automotive applications. The solutions leverage 1550 nm technology that’s safer for the retina than 905 nm solutions, helping automakers ensure that in-vehicle lidar systems are safe for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike.

Our solutions are based on technology we acquired as part of our 2020 Voxtel acquisition, and has achieved outstanding results in customer lab evaluations. These solutions are sensitive from 950 nm - 1700 nm, and leverage a flip-chip bonding process to a silicon sub-mount that will be compatible with solder reflow processes, allowing for easy integration into manufacturing flows. The final package will be compatible with automotive AEC-Q100 (Grade 3) and AEC-Q102 requirements.

Our first photoreceiver product is currently planned for mid 2023, which will include a custom ASIC/ROIC that will enable higher levels of performance and simpler integration into automotive platforms though a digital interface. Future parts will also include higher pin counts (BGA) and compatibility with ATE to allow for 100% test and compliance with a standard datasheet.

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