Our eye-safe SWIR photoreceivers and lasers go the distance, enabling long range object detection beyond 200 meters. Our proprietary photoreceivers reduce photonic system complexity by tightly integrating our sensitive photodetectors with our highly configurable read out integrated circuits (ROICs). Together, our lasers and specialized photoreceivers form the backbone of next generation LiDAR systems.

Put our eye-safe, unique, highly differentiated photonics components on your LiDAR roadmap.   


Decades of Innovation Experience:

Our vision is to move technology and the world toward a safer, sustainable future. This vision led us to acquire Voxtel LLC, a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of “eye-safe” laser ranging and imaging (LiDAR/LADAR) solutions. 

This acquisition has combined Voxtel’s significant laser and imaging expertise with our automotive leadership and scale. Together, we’re ready to enable the next generation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

We understand optics. Our experienced team of engineers and scientists has been pioneering photonics since 1999, developing cutting-edge solutions that help our customers bring breakthrough innovations to life.

New Allegro photonics components, including photoreceivers and lasers, are on the horizon. Check here to stay up to date on upcoming product releases. If you are interested in exploring Allegro’s photonics solutions, please contact us at