Allegro Releases World’s Most Accurate 400 kHz Current Sensor IC with 5 kV Isolation Rating

June 24, 2020
ACS37002 in MA/LA/MC Package next to Solar Panels

The ACS37002 with integrated conductor enables more efficient power conversion in higher frequency switching applications.

Allegro MicroSystems, a global leader in power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy efficient systems, today announced the launch of the ACS37002 family of advanced Hall-effect current sensors. The ACS37002 has 400kHz sensing bandwidth up to 180 A with low offset and better than 1% typical total accuracy over the full -40°C to 150°C automotive temperature range. The high speed operation allows customers to operate at higher switching frequencies and design SiC and GaN switching platforms that improve efficiency. The device also employs differential sensing for high immunity to external magnetic field disturbances and is available in three surface-mount package options—optimizing either low-noise, high-isolation, or lowest-in-class internal power loss.

“There is no longer any need to compromise between speed, accuracy and power density,” explains Bob Briano, Product Line Manager at Allegro. “This new product family has it all in easy-to-use surface mount packages. The ACS37002 sets a new standard that design engineers are really going to value.”

The ACS37002 is ideal for demanding green energy industrial and electric vehicle applications, such as:

  • Solar power inverters;
  • On-board charger power-factor correction;
  • DC/DC converter loop control;
  • xEV high voltage inverters.

The blend of high electrical performance, advanced packaging, and factory calibration make the ACS37002 a complete solution for many challenging applications. The plug-and-play feature from Allegro’s factory programming allows designers to achieve a faster time-to-market in the increasingly competitive green energy and high-efficiency automotive markets.

High performance simplifies design of fast switching power converter systems

Faster switching improves efficiency in most power conversion applications, which is possible with the increasing adoption of SiC and GaN switches. Allegro created the ACS37002 in direct response to this trend by maximizing the speed of the Hall plates. A higher speed current sensor with high accuracy and DC stability allows for tighter control of the motor or power converter control loop—improving overall efficiency of the system. By enabling faster switching, the ACS37002 also helps designers to reduce overall system size.

“With the trend of ever increasing efficiency in automotive and green energy, we’re seeing more and more designers adopt SiC and GaN,” explains Briano. “The 400 kHz bandwidth of this device allows designers to accurately sense these faster switching currents.”

Integrated features simplify design and reduce system size

Factory-calibrated with a high degree of integration, the ACS37002 also helps designers to reduce system size and reduce time to market by decreasing design cycle time. The ACS37002 integrates a variety of features, including:

  • Fast over-current fault detection function for system reliability;
  • Reference output for accuracy in noisy environments;
  • 4 pin-selectable sensitivity settings in a single component, which can reduce inventory part numbers on platform products.

The ACS37002 is available in three different SOICW-16 packages:

  • LA package is optimized for higher sensitivity and lower noise;
  • MA package provides high isolation of 4.8 kVrms;
  • MC package is Allegro’s newest, combining best-in-class conductor resistance of 0.27 mOhm and highest isolation rating of 5 kVrms for applications where ultra-low power loss and high reinforced isolation are needed.

Allegro offers nearly 20 years of experience creating reliable, Hall-based current sensors that meet the evolving needs of industrial and automotive customers. For datasheets and more details on Allegro’s innovative current sensor family, including the ACS37002, please visit Contact your local sales office for more information and to request samples today.