Automotive Lighting

Allegro offers robust and highly integrated solutions for both interior and exterior automotive lighting applications. Our broad range of LED drivers meets your varied power output requirements and configurations—and they're easy to apply.

We also offer stepper motor driver ICs specifically designed for headlamp leveling and bending requirements, and we provide advanced diagnostics and protection features. Plus, Allegro has a variety of Hall-effect switches and linear ICs that are used to determine the home position and travel of dynamic bending lights.   
Lighting application diagram
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    3-Phase Fan Driver IC

    A5947 – Three-Phase Sensorless Fan Driver

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    Full Bridge Stepper Pre-Driver ICs

    A3981 – Programmable Stepper Driver

    AMT49700 – Programmable Stepper Driver IC

    A4993 – Stepper Driver IC

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    Three-Wire Hall-Effect Switches

    APS11200 – High Temp Precision Hall-Effect Switch

    APS11205 – High Temp Hall-Effect Switch

    APS11000, APS11760 – Vertical/Planar Hall-Effect Switch

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    LED Drivers for Lighting

    A6217 – 3A Buck Reg LED Driver

    ALT80800 – 2A Synchronous Buck LED Driver

    ALT80802 – Buck or Buck/Boost LED Driver

    A6271-1 – Boost or Buck/Boost LED Driver

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    LED Drivers for Backlighting

    ALT80600 – Multi-Channel Boost LED Driver

    A80601 – High Power LED Driver with Pre-Emptive Boost

    A80602 – High Power LED Driver with Pre-Emptive Boost

    A80603 – LED Driver with Pre-Emptive Boost