Really quiet. Easy to implement. Extremely efficient. Allegro’s QuietMotion family offers the first-to-market Field Oriented Control (FOC) brushless DC (BLDC) electric motor controllers that are customer code-free. The devices are designed to provide reliable and efficient low audible noise performance while reducing design cycle time with simple parameter settings through easy to use GUI.     

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Allegro’s QuietMotion family is code-free single shunt FOC solution that:

  • Offers leading ultra-low audible noise performance 
  • Minimizes external components, resulting in cost efficient solutions and smaller PCB designs
  • Reduces research and design expenditure by eliminating software
  • Enables for fast tuning of motors and prototyping 



  • Coding-free, sensorless field-oriented control (FOC)
  • Proprietary non-reverse fast startup
  • Soft-On Soft-Off (SOSO) for quiet operation
  • Closed-loop speed control
  • Configurable current limit
  • Windmill startup operation
  • Lock detection
  • Short-circuit protection (OCP)

QuietMotion Motor Drivers Selection Guide