Field Sensors 0 to >1000 A Sensor ICs

We shine at high voltage. This product family offers industry leading accuracy and safety, as well as a history of high reliability.

Customer-programmable for both offset and sensitivity, these Hall linear ICs are packaged in a 1 mm thick KT package SIP that is often used in applications with a ferromagnetic core and are designed to sense currents above 1500 A.

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Allegro 4 Pin SIP KT Package


240 kHz, Highest Accuracy Programmable Linear Sensor with Reverse Battery Protection

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Standalone Coreless Differential Current Sensor IC

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Allegro 4 Pin SIP KT Package


Low Noise, High Precision, Factory-Programmed Linear Hall Effect Sensor IC With Advanced Temperature Compensation and High Bandwidth (120 kHz) Analog Output

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See below for our offerings of Hall-effect based linear current sensor ICS:

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