Hall-Effect Latches and Bipolar Switches

Whether your application is speed sensing, motor commutation or position encoding, our high-performance magnetic latches and bipolar switches offer you industry-leading jitter performance, EMC/ESD robustness, and magnetic precision—all at competitive price points.

You can also be confident of their safety and reliability. Allegro devices offer 4× chopper stabilization for superior temperature stability and resistance to physical stress, and all new devices are designed to ISO 26262.

Featured Products

Allegro LH and UA packaging


Three-Wire Hall-Effect Latch with Advanced Diagnostics

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Allegro LH and UA packaging


Two-Wire Planar Hall-Effect Sensor Integrated Circuit (IC) in accordance with ISO 26262:2011

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UA/LH Combination


Chopper-Stabilized Precision Vertical Hall-Effect Latch

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Solutions using Hall-effect switches, magnetic latches, and magnetic switch sensor ICs