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The A19360 is a magnetic sensor integrated circuit (IC) that uses giant magnetoresistance (GMR) technology to encode the speed and direction of rotating ring magnets, providing automakers with the signal resolution and reliability required for SAE Level 4TM and SAE Level 5TM automation in passenger vehicles and mobility-as-a-service applications. Innovative algorithms generate additional events per magnetic cycle while staying robust to air gap variation, to provide high-resolution rotational data that can be used for accurate distance measurement. The A19360 is compatible with standard ring magnets used in automotive braking systems, and we program each IC according to the characteristics of the magnet used.

Autonomous vehicles require superior wheel rotation information for accurate low-speed control. The A19360 provides high-resolution information to automotive systems by generating extra output events per magnetic cycle, with a special protocol that’s compatible with ECU hardware. It's available in two resolution options (4 or 8 events) per cycle and two protocol options (pulse width or AK protocol). The four-event AK protocol option uses 28 mA speed pulses for every event and operates continuously throughout the full frequency range using standard bit truncation at higher speeds. The eight-event AK protocol option uses 14 mA speed pulses for high-resolution events and features an automatic crossover to standard-resolution at higher speeds, maximizing the available bandwidth of the 2-wire interface.

The A19360 was developed for ISO 26262 ASIL B(D), and is built on our monolithic GMR technology with ultra-low jitter and large air gap capabilities. Allegro SolidSpeed Digital Architecture provides the widest dynamic range of operating air gap and highly adaptive performance that eliminates flatlining due to thermal drift and system dynamics. Designed for SAE J3016TM Levels of Driving AutomationTM 3, 4, and 5, the A19360 helps enable features such as park assist, fully autonomous valet parking and traffic jam assistance. It can even improve autopilot functionality and low-speed control in dense environments.
  • Enhances vehicle system information on wheel movement
  • Designed for SAE J3016TM Levels of Driving AutomationTM 3, 4, and 5
  • Provides distance measurement capability with 5mm resolution (based on a typical 2m tire circumference and 48-pole pair encoder)
  • Patent-pending algorithms generate the high-resolution events with robustness
  • The four-event per magnetic cycle mode doubles the number of outputs per magnetic cycle (compared to a normal wheel speed sensor), enabling the use of ring magnets with half the number of poles for potential system cost reduction and increased air gap capability
  • The eight-event per magnetic cycle mode uses a special protocol that's compatible with AK protocol ECU hardware, paving the way for next-gen ADAS vehicle control

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