A33003: Precision Magnetic Angle Sensor with Multiple Outputs


The A33003 is a 360° angle sensor IC that provides contactless high-resolution angular position information based on magnetic circular vertical Hall (CVH) technology. It has a system-onchip (SoC) architecture that includes: a CVH front end, digital signal processing to calculate the angular position information, and selectable output protocols (SPI, SENT, or PWM). It also includes on-chip EEPROM technology, capable of supporting up to 100 read/write cycles for flexible programming of calibration parameters. The A33003 is ideal for automotive applications requiring 0° to 360° angle measurements and high levels of redundancy, such as electronic power steering (EPS), transmission actuators, and steer-by-wire (SBW) systems.

The A33003 includes on-chip 32-segment linearization. This can be used to calibrate out errors due to misalignment between the magnet and the sensor or imperfect magnetization of the target magnet (which can present itself as a misalignment of the magnet to the sensor).

The A33003 supports customer integration into safety-critical applications.

The A33003 is available in a single or dual die 14-pin TSSOP package (suffix LU). The package is lead (Pb) free with 100% matte-tin leadframe plating. The 1 mm thin package reduces the minimum air gap between the CVH transducer and the target magnet. 

Top Features

  • High diagnostic coverage
  • Digital output format selectable between SPI, SENT, or PWM
  • SENT output is SAEJ2716 JAN2010 compliant with Allegro proprietary enhancements
  • Programmable via Manchester encoding on the output line to reduce external wiring and enable in-application programming when in PWM or SENT mode
  • On-chip EEPROM for storing factory and customer calibration parameters
  • Supports operation in harsh conditions, required for automotive and industrial applications
  • Loss of power is indicated by reset flag
  • 10 MHz SPI for low latency angle and diagnostic information; enables multiple independent ICs to be connected to the same bus
  • Multiple programming / configuration formats supported

Part Number Specifications and Availability

Part Number Package Type Temperature RoHS
Part Composition /
RoHS Data
Comments Samples Check Stock
A33003LLUATR-125 14-lead TSSOP -40°C to 150°C Yes View Data New Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock
A33003LLUBTR-DD-125 14-lead TSSOP -40°C to 150°C Yes View Data New Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock

Allegro’s products are not to be used in any devices or systems, including but not limited to life support devices or systems, in which a failure of Allegro’s product can reasonably be expected to cause bodily harm.

Allegro LE 14 Package Image


14-pin TSSOP (Suffix LU)