50 V Full-Bridge Gate Drivers with Input Controls

A89505, A89506

Allegro MicroSystems ES LP 20 Package


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The A89505 and A89506 full-bridge gate drivers offer effective replacement for relays and closure systems, and can also be used to drive DC motors and actuators in conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicles. They're ideal for applications such as window and door actuators, EV charger locks, electronic parking brakes, and folding mirrors.

Their solid-state design also makes them ideal for battery-powered applications that incorporate brushed DC motors such as building automation and robotics, improving reliability and battery life while facilitating smaller design footprints.

With options for direct control (A89505) and pulse-width modulation (A89506), these devices up-integrate critical features that minimize external circuitry to reduce system footprint, replacing mechanical relays with solid state drivers to improve reliability. Current sensing can now be achieved without a external current sense resistor, and current information can be read back via an analog logic level output for current feedback

The A89505 and A89506 feature programmable gate drives to reduce EMI. A fault output is provided to notify the microprocessor of bridge shorts or overcurrent events. Internal PWM current control with adjustable current limit can control the peak current in the load, reducing motor overheating during stall conditions and limiting inrush current. These gate drivers also offer a PWM interface for controlling the load current.

Designed to our robust automotive standards and AEC-Q100 qualification, the A89505 and A89506 are ideal for closure systems and relay replacement applications improving reliability and performance in one of the smallest packages in the industry.

  • 4.5 V to 50 V operating voltage
  • Programmable PWM current limit without the need for external sense resistor
  • Programmable gate drive limits slew rate for EMI reduction
  • Analog output of the load current for microprocessor feedback
  • Overcurrent flag output to detect stall conditions
  • Full protection against short circuit events with fault flag

20-pin 4 mm x 4 mm QFN (suffix ES)

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20-Pin eTSSOP with Exposed Thermal Pad (suffix LP)

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